History of Chicks

2010  Our inaugural event  was well attended with 110 ladies fishing over the 2 days and no doubt Allens Reality‘s major prize of a weekend shopping trip to Australia for two, and the many wonderful pamper style  prizes donated by our generous sponsors, may have been the reason many ladies were drawn to the event! 


Winner of Allens Reality Major prize was Ann Verner of Auckland 


Heaviest Snapper   1. H. Martinovich, 2. K Satton, 3. H van Echton
Longest Snapper 1. C. McKewon, 2. T Horton,  3. D Logan
Heaviest Kingfish  1. H. Martinovich     2. R. Bridger   3. J.Broxton
Longest Kingfish    1. H. Martinovich   2. C McKewon  3. V Martinovich
Trevelly   K. Miller    
Kahawai  J. Ansell    

2011 Chic’s @ The Chicks Ladies fishing competition was held on April 8/ 9/10. The major prize was again donated by .Allens Reality‘s a weekend shopping trip to Melbourne Australia for two. Word must have got around because the number of competitors increased to 192 ladies.

Winner of Allens Reality Major prize was Irene Hawke of Whangarei

Heaviest Snapper     1. Karen Bullock  8.61 Kg   2. Brianna Holland   7.24Kg  3. Tui Mahanm   6.28kg
Heaviest Kingfish       1. Lyndie Mullins  29.4kg   2. Trudy  Huband   20.67Kg  3. Carol McKeown    12.97Kg  
Longest Snapper (Released) 1. Brianna Holland   69.5cm  2. Renee Kraakman  66.0cm  3. Donna Logan   65.0cm
Longest Kingfish (Released)  1. Heather  Emery   1.160cm 2. Vanessa Martinovich  920.0cm 3. Heather  Martinovich  910.0cm 

 2012     Bayleys Major Prize was  a $3000 Pacific Island Escape