Hook v Spear Open Tournament


2017 overall champions (again!)


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Tournament winners

Line Fishing – Open:

Section Placing Angler Weight
Snapper 1st Dave Walker 8.84kg
  2nd Donna Riley 7.74kg
Kingfish 1st Dave Walker 8.50kg
Kahawai 1st Mike Furlong 2.60kg
  2nd Donna Riley 2.40kg
Trevally 1st Rachelle Reid 3.26kg
  2nd Angela Horn 3.08kg
John Dory 1st Warren Mathews 2.10kg
  2nd Dave Winters 2.10kg

Line Fishing – Junior:

Section Placing Angler Weight
Snapper 1st Joshua Sharples 3.26kg
  2nd Aaron Furlon 2.76kg
Kahawai 1st Ryan Andrews 2.70kg
  2nd Aaron Furlong 2.64kg
Trevally 1st Ryan Andrews 5.40kg
  2nd Molly Smith 3.90kg

Spearfishing – Teams:

Placing Team Fish caught Points
1st Jackson Shields and Paul Best 15 1859.8
2nd Dan Rogers and Poppy MacIntyre 15 1809
3rd Geoff Crawford and Brad Taylor 14 1773
4th Ryan Parsens and Brett Bamber 13 1741
5th James Oliver and James Goodall 10 1418.2
6th Ben Leith and Blake Mephen 8 1032.8
7th Tom Mills and Cameron Pepperell 8 970.8
8th Kent Remihana and Okona Teu 7 835.6
9th Blai Attwood and Thomas Noakes 7 811
10th Ben Laurie and partner 5 643.4
11th Aldo Coetzee and Tom Hick 5 582.6
12th Catherine Sayce and Alex Edwards 4 443.6
13th Will Short and Lindsay O’Neale 4 434.2

Overall Champions:

Section Placing Angler Weight
Snapper Spear James Oliver 12.32kg
Kingfish Spear Ryan Parsens 19.64kg
Kahawai Spear Paul Best 2.86kg
Trevally Spear James Oliver 5.46kg
John Dory Spear Aldo Coetzee 2.60kg


Please feel free to give us any feedback relating to the comp, as we want to keep improving it to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.